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The Educational Philosophy of Sapporo Sacred Heart School

"Sapporo Sacred Heart is a Catholic school that abides by the educational philosophies as set out by the Society of the Sacred Heart. The core goal of our school is to create well rounded students by placing equal importance on both intellectual pursuits and peace education, including volunteer activities and awareness of global issues. Our vision for peace education includes four elements: peace with God, peace with others, peace with nature, and peace with ourselves.
The complex society we live in demands that in order to succeed, young adults need to be critical thinkers and independent learners. Thus, we place a significant importance on encouraging our students to take an active role in their own education.

At Sapporo Sacred Heart, we believe:

・in the advantages of maintaining small classes to ensure that students receive individual attention.
・English is a vital tool that allows our students to succeed in a global world.
・that it is important to create independent learners with a high level of self-motivation.
・in creating an environment that fully equips students with all the skills required to be productive members of society.
・in nurturing the spirit of our students through a deep connection to the environment.
・in cultivating meaningful relationships within the school, as well as with the outside community.
・that daily prayer allows students to reflect on their own lives and the importance of those around them.
・in encouraging an active interest in current affairs and global issues.

Sapporo Sacred Heart has participated in many programs and initiatives that have helped us mold our education into something unique. For instance, in the last nine years, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology appointed us three times as:

1. A Super English Language High School (SELHi 2006-2008) during which we focused on English education as a tool to prepare our students to be global leaders.
2. One of the five schools in Japan to conduct research on Education for the 21st Century including International Baccalaureate methodology (2012-2014)
3. A Super Global High School (SGH 2014-2019) that aims to create students capable of tackling the issues of the globalized world. Our motto, Action From an Open Heart allows dialogue concentrated on critical thinking and mindfulness.

At Sapporo Sacred Heart, we instil the importance of peace education into our students. Some of our activities include social welfare, volunteer work, sign language classes, charity events, fund raising and sessions of self-reflection.

Lastly, we believe that cultural awareness is vital in helping students become global citizens. The Sacred Heart Community is a worldwide network of schools that provides our students with opportunities to go on exchange programs.
Cultural awareness is not only achieved through learning, but also through teaching. Every year, our school welcomes many visitors from all corners of the world who take part in various activities, short study programs and share their experiences with our students. These exchanges encourage empathy and cooperation between students of different backgrounds and cultures. This offers our students the opportunity to expand their minds and develop a better understanding of the world.

Our hope for education at Sapporo Sacred Heart School is to create an environment that nurtures intelligent and caring global women of the future. We strive to continually challenge not only the students, but also our own approaches to teaching so that we will continue to evolve and meet the challenges of the times, head on. This way, upon graduation, our students will be able to tackle global issues with an unshakable confidence rooted in solid moral grounds.